Canada’s ‘Freedom denied’ pass system 1885

Dark history of Canada’s First Nations pass system

Well, well. Look what just emerged.

A two week pass for Edward Yahyahkeekoot from the Saskatchewan Archives Board. This is one of the few remaining passes found in a Canadian archive, and is proof of the pass system implemented in 1885. The policy controlled the movement of First Nation people off reserves. (Tamarack Productions)

The pass system was a troubling piece of Canadian policy put in place in 1885 to control movements of First Nation people, and enforced until the 1940s.

It required all First Nation people living on reserve to get written permission from an Indian agent when they needed to leave their community. If caught without a pass, they were either incarcerated or returned to the reserve.

Introduced on the cusp of the North West Rebellion, led by Louis Riel, the policy was supposed to be temporary, used to prevent another uprising. In fact, the policy remained in effect for nearly 60 years.

“The pass system was developed as an emergency measure to keep First Nations on the reserve at a time when, of course, the Métis insurrection had broken out,” said University of Saskatchewan history professor Jim Miller.

No basis in law

From the onset, the policy was criticized for having no basis in law — resulting in its legality being called into question.

Indian Affairs commissioner Hayter Reed overruled the police, but in a letter that circulated to the Indian Agents, recognized the policy was not grounded in law.

“I beg to inform you that there has never been any legal authority for compelling Indians who leave their Reserves to return to them, but it has always been felt that it would be a great mistake for this matter to stand too strictly on the letter of the law,” wrote Reed in a letter on June 15, 1893.

Why not resist?

Some people stood up against the pass system, for the most part it remained in operation without question, in large part due to the power Indian agents had in communities.

“You had these Indian agents who were judges, they controlled your agricultural sales, you want to keep them in good graces,” said Williams.

For people living on reserve that meant their livelihood relied on full cooperation with the Indian agent.    

Missing records

According to Williams, in the 1950s there was an attempt to destroy all records of the pass system held at the Battleford, Sask. Indian Affairs office. The few remaining documents were supposed to be sent to the dump, but were saved by brothers Don and Doug Light.

“It’s plausible that this sort of thing was widespread, so when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission talks about missing documents, that’s in part what they’re talking about — where are these records?”

The cover of an Indian agent’s passbook, which contained the passes First Nation people needed to leave the reserve. A book is in the Saskatchewan Archives Board. (Tamarack Productions)

“To me the economic impacts are incalculable … the impact to people’s dignity is of course the most important thing” said Williams. More at

Atrocities then and now

What governments and their handlers perpetrated on indigenous peoples throughout North America is now being perpetrated on everybody.

Today, top doctors and scientists, nurses and first responders, lawyers and professors, are being fired and persecuted for warning humanity about global genocide, and for disclosing fact based evidence that the experimental m-RNA gene therapy jab is a bio-weapon.

First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors and Kevin Annett’s own story of how he faced firing, de-frocking, loss of his family, reputation and livelihood, for helping survivors and disclosing the truth about residential schools that included infecting children with smallpox laden blankets.

Did you know vials labeled ‘Smallpox’ were recently discovered in a Pennsylvania lab freezer?

When mainstream media outlets push the same story line, it is likely a CLUE to start paying attention.

More on Bill Gates’s prediction of smallpox terror attacks. to follow. Heads up!

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