Critical info about outbreaks in highly vaxxed countries, and most at risk … children

Undisclosed link between cancer and the covid jab

Vital information from Dr. Byram Bridle that everyone ought to know and share to safeguard self, loved ones and fellow man.

More than half the people who died during this alleged pandemic would be alive today if early treatment strategies were administered.

India Govt. Declares Most Populated State Officially COVID Free After Widespread Use Of Ivermectin

While mainstream media condemns the use of Ivermectin, the most populated state in India declared they are officially COVID-free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine.

If you have children/grandchildren please listen

Daniel Nagase MD – ER Doctor treating CV patients with Iv3rmectin discusses CV vaxx safety and medical exemptions. If you need a medical exemption contact him

Most at risk of cancer and DNA changes from an m-RNA jab are children. Vital to know.

Health Canada Authorizes Use of Pfizer Vaccine as a Booster Shot

The booster shot can be administered at least six months after a patient received the second vaccine dose.

Is “at least 6 months” snake language for “every” six months?

We are the cause and we are the effect

Illegality of the covid scamdemic, millions of preventable injuries and tens of thousands of deaths world-wide after the jab compel the question, WHY would anyone, anywhere, ever vote for another politician ever again?

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