URGENT MESSAGE Regarding the Swiss Referendum on November 28th 2021

“Get ready to die with boots on for Liberty” Robert F Kennedy

Please watch this short 5 minute video b/c all human rights and property rights depend on it.

In Switzerland, the popular vote of November 28, 2021 has already started. A majority of citizens are already voting by mail, while others will go to the polls on November 28.

Three objects are on the agenda:
an initiative to strengthen nursing,
an initiative on the appointment of judges by lottery and
the ‘amendment of the March 19, 2021 Covid-19 law’.

This text implies the approval of the Covid Certificate or ‘health pass’ and the imposition of an exceptional regime that violates the constitutional rights of citizens and the competencies of the federated entities, bypassing the democratic process, but without stating it clearly.

It is crucial that the Swiss people WITHDRAW CONSENT by voting NO in this referendum and send a message to the world this Sunday.

Subtitles in multiple languages to follow.


What each of us can do

Imagine, sense, feel, pray, meditate, or sit in silence. Ask the Creator of All That Is, Was, Every Shall Be, to guide the people of Switzerland to WITHDRAW CONSENT by voting ‘NO’ to the referendum, which is CONSENT or a YES vote for FREEDOM for the Swiss people and people around the world.

Everybody is asked to connect with personal power within so you make a positive difference in this world, by uniting our minds and hearts to become more than we ever thought we could be, simply by being who and what we truly are … Consciousness unbounded in form.

If you are in disbelief, please, do it anyway b/c consent and intention especially with genuine feeling, create reality.

Please, share this quickly, to empower a ‘NO’ vote for the referendum, which is a YES vote for our collective FREEDOM. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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