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Lawyer Aaron Siri gives testimony to covid jab injuries

Nov 14.21 | Partial transcript

It wasn’t until the c19 vaccine that our phones, emails, form submissions have reached an avalanche of submissions.

Right now you can’t sue Pfizer, J&J, Moderna for any of the injuries. You can’t bring a claim in the vaccine injury compensation program either. You’re relegated to a program called CICP, which has a standard of proof that makes it almost impossible to obtain compensation, and even if you do prevail the amount of compensation de minimis.

Many physicians contact our firm after suffering vaccine injuries. While their stories and injuries vary there are 3 common themes they all convey:

1] After suffering an injury the physicians went to the medical establishment they worked in for treatment. The initial reaction they often got was one of “We don’t believe you.” They were told it was psychological and referred to counseling instead of treating their injuries.

2] They submitted the VAERS report b/c often their physicians did not, and after submitting the VAERS report they expected a phone call that never came. A lot of them contacted CDC or FDA or Public Health, and again silence, or after an exchange of some nature the end result was typically the same, “Don’t worry, VAERS is not seeing this safety problem so it’s not an issue.“

3] I often ask the physicians “Will you make public the failing of our public health agencies?” which often resulted in the same immense fear of retaliation from public health officials and the medical establishment if they come forward with even their own story of their own injury.

Former RCMP + personal body guard prime Minister Canada

CPL Daniel Bulford, an elite member of the special police unit tasked with protecting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, blasted COVID jab mandates, saying Canadians need to stand up to government dictates before it’s too late.

Office of the Attorney General employee speaks out

Let it be perfectly clear that the choice available to the individual is and always has been to choose the injection or to reject it. The choice is NOT between choosing the injection and getting ejected from society. This includes the right to earn a living without prejudice, discrimination, and outright expulsion.
Holding people hostage over their sovereignty, freedoms, and livelihood amounts to extortion under the Canadian Criminal Code. Never have we encountered a cataclysmic conundrum such as this, where the so called protected need to be protected from the alleged unprotected against which they have already been protected with something that has been shown not to protect the protected. At some point during this insanity one must stop and ask the question, is this still about public health and safety? Or is this about concerted harm and subjugation?

Lawyer, Journalist, Member European Parliament

Nicolaus Fest

“If a big company introduces a new product, and 48 people die from it in the first year, we would not be discussing if the product should be used throughout the world. No, but rather that we should be arresting the management, which is something this parliament needs to urgently come to grips with. “

The truth about variants | well illustrated

Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains and illustrates how genome sequencing works, which is based on computer simulations that are purely theoretical, and important to comprehend to end the lies and fear mongering.

Italy: March of the vaccine dead

Last weekend, a group numbering in the hundreds staged a mourning march in Parma, Italy to commemorate those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. The marchers held up pictures of the dead as they moved in solemn procession through central Parma, chanting the names of those lost to the experimental vaccines.

The truth heals and sets us free

Lies and the truth cannot co-exist, so please share to accelerate our healing. TY!

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