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Lethal Drug Included In Over-The-Counter Covid Test Kits

Abbott, a big pharma company that produces do-it-yourself home Covid test kits, adds lethal Sodium Azide to the kits. The tests are required for international air travel, but are not approved by the FDA. The tests have an emergency use authorization that protects the company from liability. There is a small warning against touching the swab to the dangerous reagent solution before inserting into the nose, but mistakes can happen.

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Genetic Non-discrimination Act 2017 Canada

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Rocco Galati Constitutional lawyer Canada states 01:37 mins
It is a criminal offense punishable by fine and a maximum of five years in jail for anyone to conduct DNA or RNA tests to determine whether or not that person is susceptible to transmitting a disease.

Well, isn’t that the PCR test?
Isn’t that all the tests they’re conducting for covid?

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To a fine not exceeding $1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or to both; Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (

Ian Stedman, PhD, Assistant Professor Canadian Public Law Governance, York University

Supreme Court of Canada ruling: Genetic Non-Discrimination Act of 2017 is Constitutional. 7 min video

Unreliable antigen testing

Natural immunity is robust. We have T cells, natural killer cells, innate immune response in addition to antibodies. When T cells mount a strong enough response the body does not produce antibodies. What does that tell you? Next they may test for T cells, at hundreds of dollars per test.

GO-VAXX bus motoring into Coldwater Jan. 2.2022

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Those eligible will be able to receive first, second, booster shots.


A GO-VAXX bus, like the one shown here in Bradford, Ontario will be in Coldwater Jan. 2, 2022. Jackie Kozak/BradfordToday

Carcinogenic Ethylene Oxide on COVID Swabs

Natural Immunity

Natural immunity, as it relates to Covid, is indeed super, and it certainly is natural! Fauci’s own National Institutes of Health let slip a study a while back that found people who had been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus had immunity at least eight months after their infection. The evidence for the superiority of natural immunity has only become stronger since then. This, as opposed to the Covid vaccine, which isn’t so super, and sure ain’t natural.

They tried to bury us and forgot we are ‘seeds’!

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