Armageddon or new Garden Paradise?

Doomsday predictions – have a look

Based on feedback about a projected dark winter I offer the following.

This is no ordinary period in the history of humans or the Earth. Changes in the world are catalysts for changes in us. What matters most is how we respond b/c our choices create what comes next.

When you study what the dark period of a world age shift means, and why it’s necessary, perhaps you will see present challenges in new light and summon the courage to change you and smooth transition.

Prophecy is not etched in stone

Negative predictions are an opportunity in the present to change the future b/c energetically the collective consciousness at the time of a prediction rises and falls based on our positive and negative choices. The more heart centered our choices the brighter the future.


Governments use distraction, propaganda, fear, toxic food, water, air, drugs, technology, etc., to keep the collective consciousness low, which like a boomerang, returns a matching energy through people, events, and circumstances.

Globalists know what time it is and are working overtime to block humans from discovering our original blueprint, Consciousness unbounded in form, empowered to transform debris from the past and advance a new era.

Gregg Braden – FRACTAL TIME 

A world age shift is a process not an event.

Heart centered living

When we recognize personal power of heart-centered choices, and how that power can be pooled into a collective wave that directly influences the life-sustaining fields of Earth, we will have learned the power to create a beautiful new era.

The KEY is this … the only way to do this is by working together.

Please share. TY

An enlightened, peaceful, sovereign New Year to all.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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