#IAmNovak Final match between forces of light and forces of dark

Global revolution against worldwide covid tyranny is on


If there is a perfect battleground with the perfect opponents fighting at the perfect time during this apocalyptic covid biowar, it is the epic battle being fought at this very moment in Melbourne, Australia between the world’s top tennis player and greatest all time Novak Djokovic and the incorrigibly corrupt and criminal Australian government.

IT DOES NOT GET ANY BIGGER than the battlefield NOVAK is on right now where he’s fighting for ALL of humanity … every single one of us.

Even the pro-vaccine crowd is being served by Novak’s brave response to the gross injustices and glaring illegalities he has been subjected to. In the end, even the most rabid pro-vaxxers will come to know that his fearless stance brought light to their plight.

Going forward, by his every action and inaction on this Land Down Under battleground, NOVAK is taking advantage to lay bare and totally blow up THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, once and for all.

Perhaps the supremely heroic NOVAK has been enlisted by the
Highest Power to play this final match on behalf of the
forces of light against the forces of darkness. 

So let’s all support NOVAK; each and everyone of us … with all our heart and mind, body and soul.  As follows:


Read more at https://stateofthenation.co/?p=103924

Please share for people to consider the bigger picture and support NOVAK Djokovic. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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