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Read The Dangers of Covid-19 Vaccine Report prepared by Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Thanks Judy

Discover what is not being reported in the MSM   The Dr. Ardis Show Logo   This report is so valuable we included the full report and pages of research for you to review and make your own decisions. It’s way too long to include in an email, so please click the link below to download the PDF.

We promise not to use your data for anything other then giving you the information that you want!    
Dangers of the Covid-19 Vaccine Report prepared by Dr. Bryan Ardis
Covid 19 Disease Prevention Cocktail – Vitamin Supplement Recommendations   DOWNLOAD THE PDF   
Vaccination Notice of Liability Form for Schools, Organizations or Employers Requiring the Vaccine DOWNLOAD THE FORM

If you or someone you know is ill or in ICU from covid or variants, the following is vital to know

Go to where doctors will help you get the prescriptions you need, free, for early treatment.

02:40 mins Dr. Ardis says Remdesivir is being used the same way they used gas chambers to destroy people in Germany. He goes on to say that
Remdesivir was used to make it look like people were dying of covid when in fact they were dying from lethal effects of Remdesivir.

09:33 mins If you have a loved one who is hospitalized be aware of threats from adding Vancomycin to their protocol.

If you have a loved one in ICU have lawyers ready to contact the hospital and threaten them to put your loved one on other treatments.

If you have problems with his QR code capture his email at 16:30 mins—Watch—Listen—Share-With-Loved-Ones:7

Why in the world was Robert David Steele given a dangerous drug like Remdesivir?!

Joe Oltmann
I just had a conversation with a friend who was with Robert David Steele a couple weeks ago, who was on tour with him and had been trying to get him out of the hospital…

Here is what you should know. RDS was put on Remdesivir. Remdesivir has a nearly 50% fatality rate. Combine that with being out on a ventilator and the chances of dying go up to 80-90%. This drug is killing people. The NIH study of this drug in treating Ebola shows the high mortality rate, yet they push it, ignore the science behind steroids, ivermectin and HCQ. They refused to give him this cocktail, and it cost him his life.

If you do not believe there is something evil and sinister about our government and their desire to turn us into slaves and or murder us, you are not very bright or not paying attention.

Pray, stand, and stop them from destroying our country and our world.

Please share this information to save lives


Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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How to Protect Yourself from Medical Abuse

Your JOB or the JAB?

Thurs. Sept. 9 – Paula Tucci  7 PM Eastern 

Archived video with PaulaTucci

Click other archived VCC ZOOM calls

Tune in early b/c the calls often exceed capacity due to high interest.

United Health Care Workers of Ontario – Notices of Liability

Published:  September 3, 2021
Updated:  September 9, 2021

The following article is for general information only, and should not be construed as legal or medical advice.

Notices of Liability for different sectors

Canada and the USA

Julie Ponesse, Professor Huron College, ON dismissed

Thanks Patricia, Sandra, Cindy.

Julie Ponesse, Professor of Ethics at Huron College at the University of Western Ontario, one of the largest universities in Canada, delivered a powerful message in the short video.

The Professor also gave her last ethics lesson at Western University Sept 8, 2021.

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians flood the streets to reject globalist’s dark world reset

Sept 09.21

If you know people facing their job or a jab ultimatum, please share resources for them to expand their awareness, optimize their health/well-being, and stand in their power. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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It is coming everywhere: mandatory vaccination for all faculty, staff, and students

Thanks Cindy

By: Maximilian C. Forte, PhD (2)

First it was not even a university, but Seneca College. Then it was the University of Ottawa. Then Carleton University, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Toronto. Now it is almost every university in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The law faculty at McGill is also demanding it, presumably to save the university from expensive litigation (an implied threat, and one that strangely assumes that only one side of a debate can litigate in court). If it happens first in the United States, then almost immediately it is copied and pasted into policy in Canada.

Mandatory vaccination pressures are issued allegedly in accordance with “public health”. However, they are mandated through neither parliaments nor legislation, but are instead issued unilaterally by governments under the umbrella of “emergency measures”.

Typically, such vaccination mandates stipulate the following: faculty, staff, and students must show proof of full vaccination in order to access campus and perform their duties. If they do not do so (and some allow refusal only on grounds of medical or religious exemptions), then they must submit to still undefined special measures, such as frequent testing (perhaps twice each week, using rapid antigen tests), and masking at all times and in all spaces on campus.

This will be, for most Canadian faculty, the first if not only real test of their integrity and dignity, and their purpose as scholars and intellectuals. It is absolutely essential that they not fail this test from the start.

It must be emphasized that this is not a position that can be taken only by non-vaccinated faculty. Action to prohibit and prevent discrimination, and actual abuses of human rights, is a stance to be taken by all faculty, whether fully vaccinated or not.

Rather than following the alternative science narrative tied to the private interests of pharmaceutical corporations and those of politicians, we should expect Canadian universities to encourage critical thinking that—as is now commonly endorsed and celebrated—“speaks truth to power”. This would be in line with Canadian universities’ many recent statements in support of social justice. To see these same universities immediately fail the first real test of their avowed commitments, is both shocking and disappointing. READ MORE AT

Courage and the ‘big’ covid test

Most humans have cunningly been lulled into a false sense of reality where fear, unawareness, and debt slavery keep our species trapped.

What if … covid is the greatest catalyst ever, to break free and create another reality where coherence and freedom prevail?

Each of us can contribute by sharing this message. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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World Health Organization confirmed 10.20 SARS-COV 2 no more dangerous than the flu … SO?

How did we ever get from here Oct 2020?

The infection fatality rate of roughly or 0.14% is right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from around the world.


There is no speculation or “conspiracy theory” behind this brief powerful summation. Reiner Fuellmich reveals the 0.14% mortality rate; the fake pandemic based on fraudulent PCR test used to justify the abuse and deadly experimental injection campaign; suppressed effective treatments; and 500,000 deaths by injection in the USA alone in 6 months.

To Aug 29.21: Australia fully vaxxed means ongoing shots

Health Minister Dr. Chant “We need to get used to being vaccinated with covid vaccines for the future.”

To Aug 31.21: Israel fully vaxxed means 3 shots

TEL AVIV—Israel is upping the vaccine ante, pressing citizens to get Covid-19 booster shots and saying those who don’t will face restrictions on traveling, dining out and other activities.

Holders of Israel’s vaccine passports must get a third dose of the Pfizer -BioNTech vaccine within six months of their second dose, or lose the so-called green pass that allows them more freedom.

To Sept 07.21: Covid shots virtually guarantee harm

Story at-a-glance – unfavorable for people who got the jab

  • mRNA-based COVID shots used codon optimization to improve protein production. A codon consists of three nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA. Use of codon optimization virtually guarantees unexpected results
  • Replacing rare codons must be done judiciously, as rarer codons can have slower translation rates and a slowed-down rate is actually necessary to prevent protein misfolding
  • Stop codons, when present at the end of an mRNA coding sequence, signal the termination of protein synthesis. According to a recent paper, both Pfizer and Moderna selected suboptimal stop codons
  • The covid shots induce spike protein at levels unheard of in nature, and the spike protein is the toxic part of the virus responsible for the most unique effects of the virus, such as the blood clotting disorders, neurological problems and heart damage. To expect the COVID shot to not produce these kinds of effects would be rather naïve
  • Other significant threats include immune dysfunction and the flare-up of latent viral infections such as herpes and shingles. Co-infections, in turn, could accelerate other diseases. Herpes viruses, for example, have been implicated as a cause of both AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome. READ more at

People sitting on the fence about covid

End times, which are now, signal the ‘rare’ and cyclical close of a world age as a new era comes toward us. The associated chaos can been seen as a HOLE to dig deeper for ourselves, or a DOOR to cooperation, cleaning up the past and creating a greater reality.

If you know people undecided about the jab or coerced to get the jab, frustrated, frightened, ask if they are open to other perspectives. Offer credible resources for them to explore. This site links to many Canadian and international front line activists. Offer our Blog and other sites you trust.

People sitting on the fence about voting

Please share this update for people to think long and hard before voting for ‘any’ politician in any country, which is CONsent to abolish all rights and freedoms for you, your family, and your fellow man. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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URGENT: Australia needs our help this moment!


Thanks to Judy

Australia is being taken down by lawless politicians and unelected bureaucrats.

We are all NEXT. The hearing is moments away. Media blackout.

We NEED the video link below to go viral and get as many hits as possible to show our EYES ARE ON THEM.

Plz watch or at least hit the link and share. It’s all about numbers. Pass it on! Thank you from Australia xx

Please note this link is for live viewing only. Recording, re-posting or broadcasting any audio or video is a violation of court regulations.

Show them the world is watching

Tune in
Like [to let them know you are watching]
Share widely

Please UNITE! Australia needs our help NOW!

FB [9 Sep 2021 at 06:44:48 (8 Sep 2021 at 21:34:12)]:
Al-Munir Kassam v Bradley Ronald Hazzard

There is a Supreme court hearing and media blackout. Not many know about this and this is our only hope.

We have AFL solicitors and G and B lawyers as well as Senator Craig Kelly who are heroes to all who know what they are doing. What we need is for the link below to go viral and get as many hits as possible so the Supreme Court is aware that the World is watching and it may keep them honest.

This is the last stand. Please watch or at least hit the link.

It’s all about the numbers.

Please share the link and pray.

Pass it on!
Thank you from Australia xx


Jack Stevens: Quite clearly everything that Hazzard & NSW Govt has been doing re: mandatory jabs is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code. If the Supreme Court ignores this fact then we as citizens have no justice system anymore we then must use lawfulrebellion as espoused under the Magna Carta

Harry McCracken: Trent Tyren Jarrad Emi Big precedent setting case. Police officer vs NSW Minister for Health on mandatory jabs.

On Telegram AFL Solicitors

On Instagram AFLSolicitors

Backlash to ‘accidentally’ vaccinating 163 private school children not eligible for the jab

Thanks to

Brad Hazzard’s Pfizer mistake should have prompted ‘grovelling apologies’.


Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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Canada’s VaxxTracker: A safe place to report symptoms from vaccines

Independent, science-based evidence to empower Canadians

Thanks to Vic

Canadian Covid Care Alliance is similar in scope to America’s Front Line Doctors


If you experienced any side-effect after receiving a vaccine, or as a healthcare professional, your patient experienced an adverse reaction, click the SUBMIT button at where you can also find charts, statistics and links to valuable information.

Please share the links and encourage people to participate. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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Protect yourself from medical abuse – ZOOM calls

Vaxxports – Know Your Rights Canada

Dear Action Takers,


Vaxxports – Know Your Rights: Thursdays in September and October at 8 pm EST – ZOOM Call

Shots are being demanded by employers and schools across Canada.
We give you some tools to address this coercion and we’ll try to coach you through your situation.

Register here

Also, if you feeling forced to get an experimental injection in order to keep your job. If so, then TAC offers a variety of notices of liability to put the responsibility of the injuries and consequences you may experience back where they belong – on your employer!  (get your letter in the newsletter below)

Feeling Forced To Get The Jab In Order To Keep Your Job? Get Notices Of Liability For Your Employer Below
Terms of employee vaccination acceptance – A LETTER TO EMPLOYERS REQUIRING EMPLOYEES TO GET THE JAB




University/College Admins Pressuring Students to Get the Jab

As the summer comes to an end, the school year is soon upon us, but some universities and colleges across Canada have decided to not respect students’ rights and force them to get vaccinated or not be able to return to school in person.  GET YOUR LETTER HERE

How to protect yourself from medical abuse

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'VCC LIVE Paula TUCCI How to PROTECT YOURSELF from MEDICAL ABUSE SEPT 9, 2021 7:00 pm ET BOOKMARK THIS PAGE'

It is estimated that 40% of the population [on average] are sitting on the fence. Please share the above resources widely to help people make informed choices. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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Covid back story: Role of corporate and political puppets

Reiner Fuellmich on covid and international legal developments

Thanks to
Partial transcript – video link at below

Prof. Christian Drosten is the main man responsible for people world-wide facing living conditions defined as crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Code (ICCPR) by means of the assertion of a provenly false fact.

Live interview with Reiner Fuellmich Sept 02.21

15:45 mins Late 2019, something happened at the Wuhan Institute of Virology [accident? staged?] where Drosten, Anthony Fauci and others were experimenting on ‘gain of function’, which makes a virus more dangerous. A few deaths occurred with people in close proximity to the Institute, which alerted the world to something mysterious and dangerous. This was the SPRING BOARD to start rolling out the World Economic Forum [WEF] dark agenda planned for decades.

New years eve 2020 Drosten started working on his PCR test to diagnose infection. Drosten, Germany’s secretary of health, and many POLITICIANS world wide assured people this was similar to a mild flu and not to worry.

Late February, the financial technical complex that includes big pharma, applied serious pressure on the World Health Organization [WHO] owned by rich people who make the biggest donations like Bill Gates Foundation and the Chinese, to declare a public health emergency of international concern.

Internally, they shifted from mild flu to a public health emergency. Why, because to use an untested new drug or so called vaccine, they needed a public international emergency toward their goal of injecting everyone in the world.

19:00 mins We know from WEF constant meetings with self appointed corporate elites and self appointed politicians for decades that public private partnerships were a hostile takeover of politicians we thought we had elected, by super rich powers who run these corporations.

At a 2nd emergency meeting they declared a public health emergency of international concern. What had changed? Nothing except Drosten had supplied his PCR test to WHO, which recommended it to the entire world as the gold standard to detect infections. This test literally ‘createdthousands of cases to justify declaring a public health emergency of international concern.

Kary Mullis invented the PCR test as a tool for scientific purposes not to be used, and not approved for diagnostic purposes, which is what Drosten used it for. He claimed his test can identify who is infected. There are 2 false statements of fact here.

1] To ramp up fear they claimed there were asymptomatic infections, meaning people who looked perfectly healthy could be infected and very dangerous.

2] Drosten claimed he could identify in asymptomatic people, who is really infected using his PCR test.

PCR test cannot per se identify an infection, nor can it distinguish between dead and live matter. If someone tests positive it could be fragments of their immune system from a prior fight against cold or flu.

The way Drosten’s PCR test was set up, the blueprint used by everyone, it could almost guarantee 100% false positives based on the # of cycles of amplification used. Anything above 24 cycles is meaningless. The Drosten test was set at 45 cycles, which guaranteed the results they wanted i.e. cases, cases, cases to justify a public health emergency of international concern and jab everyone on the planet.

Masking, social distancing, isolation, job losses, were all for SHOW to frighten people into compliance and ultimately give in and get the jab.

34:00 mins In Germany, covid restrictions are especially bad in cities. By October 2021 they expect things to get much worse.

Europe is broke. There is no money for pensioners b/c all the money was plundered by the same self appointed elites behind the WEF dark world reset. Reiner refers to them as the Davos clique, the ones who transferred the greatest wealth ever in the history of man from bottom and medium size economies to the super rich.

Bill Gates and Angela Merkel were the first to graduate from the WEF Young Global Leaders. Other graduates are Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, France’s Emmanual Macron, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, puppets of the Davos clique installed in strategic places around the world.

Puppets, incapable of engaging in different views b/c they DO AS THEY ARE TOLD. They are without emotions and without empathy.

39:00 mins Update on legal status, court cases filed, corruption, formation of an international corona court due to inability of national judiciaries to handle the magnitude of these crimes against humanity.

Courts of law in most countries are seldom at the forefront of social change. It has to be the courts of public opinion that take the first steps and then the courts of law will follow suit.

A gut-wrenching soliloquy and call to action opposing vaccine apartheid in America

In California, 1/3 to 1/2 municipal public workers have had it. LAFD Captain said this is not about democrats vs. republicans, not black v.s white, this is about TYRANNY. We need to fight the people responsible for this. WE CANNOT FIGHT EACH OTHER.

54:00 mins Dr. Z3l3nko and others including Reiner estimate deaths after the jab to be close to 1/2 million.

Mass hypnosis has silenced many people [approx 30%]. They are in line with government and cannot be reached.

Approximately 40% of the population are sitting on the fence and approachable if you reach out in rational ways. Many are suspicious so explain what is really going on and provide evidence so they can research on their own. Suggest they retreat from mainstream media manipulating them and spend time in nature.

The remaining 20-30% who do not consent to the jab [more like 40-50% in the USA], it’s up to us to carry the flag and pull those who are willing with us. THERE ARE DEFINITELY ENOUGH OF US TO TURN THE TIDE!

The other side has lost already, evidenced by their extreme actions. Their lies are so apparent the fence sitters are more open to asking questions and listening to the truth.

The tables may start to turn in our favor over the next few months however there is a LONG ROAD ahead to clean up.

Trial balloons

People are being tested in every country by puppet politicians pushing the envelope. If people fail to push back they are doomed.


There is no legal basis for the jab


People who refuse to grow up

Some people go along to get along b/c they refuse to grow up. They will not take responsibility for their lives. They replaced dependence on parents with dependence on government.

At the core is lack of moral competency, which is the ability to ask questions rather than blindly follow orders, and the ability to discuss differing opinions rather that vilify the other person.

China taking over car industry

China got a stronghold in Europe when they purchased Volvo. For 1 covid case, the Chinese closed a port, which broke the car supply chain in Germany. They are disrupting the car supply chain so German car manufacturers are in trouble. Audi workers were put on short time labor for less money [from 40 to 20 hours a week] which is likely permanent. They are presently shutting down production facilities, which the Chinese will most likely take over. The Chinese want to flood Europe with electric cars and move German technology to China.

It appears China and the Anglo-American platforms
are dividing the spoils of what they are doing with coronavirus.


Legal work and education are important however there is another crucial element, and that is our interconnectedness. We need to build strong networks of like minded people. Interview link

Be on the look out for reachable people. Ask if they have questions. Help where you can.

Everyone who moves off the fence into truth and freedom brings us a step closer to creating another reality where results of unloving choices, injustices, incoherence and separation cannot follow. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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D0ctor Z3l3nko – P0!son Death Shot

Key excerpts 02:20 to 15 mins

Dr. Vladimir Z3l3nko, Ukrainian-American Jewish physician speaks to a Rabbinical court in Jerusalem.

“Poison Death Shot. I Receive Death Threats.”

Renowned physician to eminent personalities like former Israeli Prime minister, President of Brazil, former President Donald Trump and other public figures, laid out his thoughts on the risks versus benefits of administering the covid jab.

02:20 to 15:00 mins:

The only reason you would want to treat a child is if you believe in child sacrifice.

  1. Israel and a small island nation have the most vaccinated populations in the world, so why are they still having an outbreak?
  2. Why would you give a 3rd shot of the same stuff if it didn’t work the first 2 times?

Safety is the real issue

There are 3 levels of safety or death to look at.

  1. Acute: from the moment of injection to 3 months. The #1 risk from the shot is blood clots, which happens within the first 3-4 days. [40%] Inflammation in the hearts of young adults [Myocarditis]. The miscarriage rate after the shot during the first trimester increases by a factor of 8.
  2. Sub-acute: death issue. In animal studies using this vaccine a large % of the animal’s immune systems killed them. This is called antibody dependent enhancement [ADE] or pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement. Is it different in humans? Well, the study isn’t done yet; humans are now the study. Luc Montagnier said this is the biggest risk to humanity and the biggest risk to genocide in the history of humanity. The risk of ADE in humans has not been ruled out so why inject somebody with a potentially lethal substance before ruling that out first?
  3. Long term consequences:
    i] infertility
    ii] cancer
    iii] definitely increases autoimmune disease

09:38 mins The current Israeli government is a reincarnation of Joseph Mengele. They have permitted human experiments of their own people.

Everybody is being tested

If I can reduce the death rate from 7.5% to less than ½% why would I use a poison death shot that doesn’t work, and has tremendous and horrific side effects?

I believe God is testing every human being and here’s the test. Are you going to ask for protection from your Creator? Are you going to take your fear and ask the Creator to help you?

Or, are you going to run to the vaccine of governments, of despots, of tyrants, sociopaths who want to be deities? These people think their gods. Are you doing to bow down to them? Let them protect you and see how that works out for you.

Your ministry of health is lying to you, and the statistics are absolutely skewed.

Video link [insert missing h] ttps://

COVID shot equals genocide; famous doctor slams government leadership for “following orders”

Just received so this link will not appear in the Blog archive link below

Shots without end

Seems like a booster shot every 6 months is likely.

USA vax card

Is the covid shot without end b/c glutathione reduces and oxidizes, that is, eliminates graphene oxide in the m-rna gene therapy jab?

I met people who had the shot and want to know what they were not told about it, so please keep an open mind and heart and share where the truth is welcomed.

Nuremberg military trial

October 01, 2021 is the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trial. 3 mins

Ontario criminal defense lawyer enters the foray

Bill S-201 (Historical)

Genetic Non-Discrimination Act

An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination.

3 mins

This blog is archived at along with all of our other Blogs. Blog updates or changes are not reflected in archive links.

Gratitude to Judy for showing me how to archive.

Please share. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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Truckers in Australia did it!

Complete media blackout

Evidence of multiple road closures in QLD due to truckie strike

Silent vigil around government building.

Trucker blockades.

TRUCKIE VICTORY: South Australia drops mandatory jab for interstate drivers

In a victory for people power, the South Australian government has back flipped on its mandate that interstate truck drivers must have had at least one Covid vaccine shot before entering the state.

May the day come when people unite b/c they can not b/c they have to

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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