URGENT MESSAGE Regarding the Swiss Referendum on November 28th 2021

“Get ready to die with boots on for Liberty” Robert F Kennedy

Please watch this short 5 minute video b/c all human rights and property rights depend on it.

In Switzerland, the popular vote of November 28, 2021 has already started. A majority of citizens are already voting by mail, while others will go to the polls on November 28.

Three objects are on the agenda:
an initiative to strengthen nursing,
an initiative on the appointment of judges by lottery and
the ‘amendment of the March 19, 2021 Covid-19 law’.

This text implies the approval of the Covid Certificate or ‘health pass’ and the imposition of an exceptional regime that violates the constitutional rights of citizens and the competencies of the federated entities, bypassing the democratic process, but without stating it clearly.

It is crucial that the Swiss people WITHDRAW CONSENT by voting NO in this referendum and send a message to the world this Sunday.

Subtitles in multiple languages to follow.


What each of us can do

Imagine, sense, feel, pray, meditate, or sit in silence. Ask the Creator of All That Is, Was, Every Shall Be, to guide the people of Switzerland to WITHDRAW CONSENT by voting ‘NO’ to the referendum, which is CONSENT or a YES vote for FREEDOM for the Swiss people and people around the world.

Everybody is asked to connect with personal power within so you make a positive difference in this world, by uniting our minds and hearts to become more than we ever thought we could be, simply by being who and what we truly are … Consciousness unbounded in form.

If you are in disbelief, please, do it anyway b/c consent and intention especially with genuine feeling, create reality.

Please, share this quickly, to empower a ‘NO’ vote for the referendum, which is a YES vote for our collective FREEDOM. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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Totalitarianism and the Five Stages of Dehumanization

How do we liberate ourselves? 

Hannah Arendt’s seminal work The Origins of Totalitarianism (1948) makes for sobering reading in the world we see developing around us in the year 2021. Indeed, we find ourselves in an impasse of epic proportions where the essence of what it means to be human is at stake. 

The totalitarian attempt at global conquest and total domination has been the destructive way out of all impasses. Its victory may coincide with the destruction of humanity; wherever it has ruled, it has begun to destroy the essence of man.” – Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism, first published 1948

Although it is hard to claim that – at least in the West – we find ourselves once again under the yoke of totalitarian regimes comparable to those we know so well from the 20th century, there is no doubt that we are faced with a global paradigm that brings forth steadily expanding totalitarian tendencies, and these need not even be planned intentionally or maliciously. 

As we will come to discuss later, the modern-day drivers of such totalitarian tendencies are for the most part convinced – with the support of the masses – that they are doing the right thing because they claim to know what is best for the people in a time of existential crisis. Totalitarianism is a political ideology that can easily spread in society without much of the population at first noticing it and before it is too late. In her book, Hannah Arendt meticulously describes the genesis of the totalitarian movements that ultimately grew into the totalitarian regimes of 20th century Europe and Asia, and the unspeakable acts of genocide and crimes against humanity this ultimately resulted in. 

As Arendt would certainly warn us against, we should not be misled by the fact that we do not see in the West today any of the atrocities that were the hallmark of the totalitarian regimes of Communism under Stalin or Mao and Nazism under Hitler. These events were all preceded by a gradually spreading mass ideology and subsequent state-imposed ideological campaigns and measures promoting apparently “justifiable” and “scientifically proven” control measures and actions aimed at permanent surveillance and ultimately a step-by-step exclusion of certain people from (parts of) society because they posed “a risk” to others or dared to think outside of what was considered acceptable thought.

In brief, the 5 stages of dehumanization are

The first step of dehumanization is the creation and political instrumentalization of fear

The second step of dehumanization is soft exclusion

The third step of dehumanization, mostly occurring in parallel with the second step, is executed though documented justification of the exclusion

The fourth step of dehumanization is hard exclusion

The fifth and final step of dehumanization is extermination, social or physical

Learn more https://brownstone.org/articles/totalitarianism-and-the-five-stages-of-dehumanization/

Prophecy is not etched in stone

Prophecy is a warning of what ‘may’ be unless we take corrective action to change it … like these Mama Bears https://www.instagram.com/p/CWqbdQSFUjj/?fbclid=IwAR2FxP6MdYj7BVYjHZqGe8QKJc7jMLVOq8ivBOrT7dEiPViJgfxEb5GYtLY

What lies ahead is up to each of us while we still have freedom to change trajectory. Please share b/c we need all hands on deck now. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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Aboriginal Elder screams “They’re k!lling us! They’re k!lling our people!”


Nov 24.21 updates*

Australian military has declared war on the people. Mass murder and genocide being carried out through forced Covid Jabs on the aboriginal people. Jaquie Dundee is one true blue Aussie and someone I respect immensely. Please listen and share. https://www.bitchute.com/video/einsfZtSkgm0/

The genocidal pattern is thus … perpetrators start in one area to see how the rest of the world reacts. If there is little to no push back, perpetrators expand their operations wider and wider until the entire population is violated and enslaved.

*Terrorizing the Indigenous Aboriginal Tribes of Australia

Indigenous people are the guinea pigs for what awaits the rest of humanity.

Depopulation is fueled by compliance with the covid scamdemic and all the lies that make it possible. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8jOSvVCdLDLV/

Aunty June Mills, Larrakia Elder: SOS call out first nation peoples in NT in remote communities

Also on https://www.bitchute.com/video/LwGQeOHrWOS5/

Read the full report

The remote NT areas of Katherine, Binjari and Rockhole have been placed into a hard lockdown, with an operation underway that includes ‘transferring positive cases from the community’. https://tottnews.com/2021/11/23/army-deployed-to-indigenous-region-nt/

E X C E P T | There is No Such Thing as a “Confirmed Covid-19 Case”

Media lies coupled with a systemic and carefully engineered fear campaign have sustained the image of a killer virus, which is relentlessly spreading to all major regions of the World. 

Several billion people in more than 190 countries have been tested (as well as retested) for Covid-19.  

At the time of writing, approximately 260 million people Worldwide have been categorized as “confirmed Covid-19 cases”. The alleged pandemic is said to have resulted in more than 5 million Covid-19 related deaths.

Both sets of figures: morbidity and mortality are fabricated.  A highly organized Covid testing apparatus (part of which is funded by the billionaire foundations) has been established with a view to driving up the numbers of “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”, which are then used as a justification to impose the “vaccine” passport coupled with the repeal of fundamental human rightsMore at https://www.globalresearch.ca/fake-science-invalid-data-there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-confirmed-covid-19-case-there-is-no-pandemic/5761960

Only the pure souls will make it

Max Igan – 6 mins video


Spirited Soulution

Please take time to pray, meditate, sit in silence, send pure love to assist in a good way, everybody violated and harmed. TY   

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

Join the world 12.22.21

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Smallpox: Threat or False Flag? A Telling Timeline

Smallpox officially eradicated in 1980

In 1979, a global commission certified that smallpox had been eradicated and this certification was officially accepted by the 33rd World Health Assembly in 1980.

See the source image


Yet, Emergent BioSolutions got a U.S. order for smallpox vaccine

July 14.21
By Matt Grossman

The option, exercised as part of Emergent’s 10-year contract with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, is worth about $182.2 million, Emergent said in a regulatory filing. It added that the doses will be delivered by the end of the year. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/emergent-biosolutions-gets-u-s-order-for-smallpox-vaccine-271626260150

FDA confession about smallpox vaccine

In the late 1980s, a respected biologist with close knowledge of the Africa eradication campaign, told me, off the record, that after the World Health Organization celebrated their “victory,” they held a very secret meeting in Geneva.

At this meeting, it was decided that the smallpox vaccine they deployed in Africa would never be used again.

I asked him why.

Because it caused cases of smallpox, he said.

So the African eradication campaign had a double effect. In some people, the vaccine caused smallpox, which it was supposed to prevent. In others, who already had very weak immune systems, it wrought extreme devastation and death without giving the appearance of smallpox.

More lies, more widespread destruction from the vaccine establishment. More at https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2017/08/30/exclusive-mind-boggling-fda-confession-about-the-smallpox-vaccine/


Start at 17 mins to 24 mins minimum https://odysee.com/@spacebusters:c9/In-Ultra-We-Trust:c

We are always told in advance

Just as Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201′, a pandemic preparedness ‘exercise’ back in October of 2019, right before COVID ‘went viral’, Gates now warning of ‘terrorists‘ using smallpox to terrorize us gives us a hint of something diabolical ahead, considering other stories recently published.  

Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds

Nov 04.21

Bill Gates has warned governments to prepare for smallpox terror attacks and future pandemics by investing billions into research and development.

He said countries like the US and the UK must spend “tens of billions” to fund the research adding that while it may be expensive, it could lead to the eradication of the flu and common cold.

“It’ll take probably about a $billion a year for a pandemic Task Force at the WHO level, which is doing the surveillance and actually doing what I call ‘germ games’ where you practise.”

Mr. Gates warned that bioterrorism caused epidemics could be worse than naturally occurring ones. More at https://news.yahoo.com/bill-gates-warns-smallpox-terror-115657596.html

Frozen vials labeled ‘smallpox’ found

On November 16, 2021, it was reported that 15 vials of smallpox (variola) were found at Merck’s North Wales, PA laboratory in a freezer.

Whether this is an impending false flag or a future event they wish to roll out, the timeline paints a very interesting picture, especially the fact that the FDA had several recent approvals of both vaccines and drug treatments for smallpox under the guise of “bioterrorism,” and continues to add the smallpox vaccines to its Strategic National Stockpile. Timeline of key events in the link below.

The Question Remains…

Are they setting the stage for a false flag event in order to further scare the population into submission and need for jabs and vaccine ID passports?

Will this be a cover story for potential future deaths of individuals who suffered adverse events from the experimental Covid jab?

Do they really intend to release smallpox into the population? It would certainly be a way to get people to line up for the “the jab,” while possibly incorporating the Covid jab into the appointment at the same time.

If they were to pull something like this off, it would likely be an isolated area, targeting a small group of people – just enough to scare the rest of the country and install new mandates – much like what was done with the measles “epidemic” in 2018-2019, which coincidentally Merck was the exclusive MMR vaccine provider of.

Some will argue that they want mass depopulation, and though that may be the case, history has shown they tend to tackle this in bite-site pieces, while capitalizing on the damage.

Everyone can agree that they are most certainly up to something. The timeline shows planning, fear tactics, narrative control, incoming slush funds, partnerships and money exchanging hands, and a desired outcome of which will likely present itself in the near future. They will continue to intimidate in order to build their human enslavement system – don’t be intimidated, just be aware. More at https://www.coreysdigs.com/health-science/smallpox-threat-or-false-flag-a-telling-timeline/

Bio-weapons reduce populations and justify more jabs

Another possible sequel to the experimental m-RNA gene therapy jab is the marburg pLandemic and its experimental jab.

Please heed the warnings and inform others willing to listen. TY https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2021/10/covids-dngerous-sucksessor/

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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Canada’s ‘Freedom denied’ pass system 1885

Dark history of Canada’s First Nations pass system

Well, well. Look what just emerged.

A two week pass for Edward Yahyahkeekoot from the Saskatchewan Archives Board. This is one of the few remaining passes found in a Canadian archive, and is proof of the pass system implemented in 1885. The policy controlled the movement of First Nation people off reserves. (Tamarack Productions)

The pass system was a troubling piece of Canadian policy put in place in 1885 to control movements of First Nation people, and enforced until the 1940s.

It required all First Nation people living on reserve to get written permission from an Indian agent when they needed to leave their community. If caught without a pass, they were either incarcerated or returned to the reserve.

Introduced on the cusp of the North West Rebellion, led by Louis Riel, the policy was supposed to be temporary, used to prevent another uprising. In fact, the policy remained in effect for nearly 60 years.

“The pass system was developed as an emergency measure to keep First Nations on the reserve at a time when, of course, the Métis insurrection had broken out,” said University of Saskatchewan history professor Jim Miller.

No basis in law

From the onset, the policy was criticized for having no basis in law — resulting in its legality being called into question.

Indian Affairs commissioner Hayter Reed overruled the police, but in a letter that circulated to the Indian Agents, recognized the policy was not grounded in law.

“I beg to inform you that there has never been any legal authority for compelling Indians who leave their Reserves to return to them, but it has always been felt that it would be a great mistake for this matter to stand too strictly on the letter of the law,” wrote Reed in a letter on June 15, 1893.

Why not resist?

Some people stood up against the pass system, for the most part it remained in operation without question, in large part due to the power Indian agents had in communities.

“You had these Indian agents who were judges, they controlled your agricultural sales, you want to keep them in good graces,” said Williams.

For people living on reserve that meant their livelihood relied on full cooperation with the Indian agent.    

Missing records

According to Williams, in the 1950s there was an attempt to destroy all records of the pass system held at the Battleford, Sask. Indian Affairs office. The few remaining documents were supposed to be sent to the dump, but were saved by brothers Don and Doug Light.

“It’s plausible that this sort of thing was widespread, so when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission talks about missing documents, that’s in part what they’re talking about — where are these records?”

The cover of an Indian agent’s passbook, which contained the passes First Nation people needed to leave the reserve. A book is in the Saskatchewan Archives Board. (Tamarack Productions)

“To me the economic impacts are incalculable … the impact to people’s dignity is of course the most important thing” said Williams. More at https://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/dark-history-canada-s-pass-system-1.3454022

Atrocities then and now

What governments and their handlers perpetrated on indigenous peoples throughout North America is now being perpetrated on everybody.

Today, top doctors and scientists, nurses and first responders, lawyers and professors, are being fired and persecuted for warning humanity about global genocide, and for disclosing fact based evidence that the experimental m-RNA gene therapy jab is a bio-weapon. https://www.wakingtimes.com/bioweapons-researcher-believes-covid-vaccines-are-a-form-of-weaponized-medicine/

First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors and Kevin Annett’s own story of how he faced firing, de-frocking, loss of his family, reputation and livelihood, for helping survivors and disclosing the truth about residential schools that included infecting children with smallpox laden blankets. https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/unrepentant-kevin-annett-canadas-genocide/

Did you know vials labeled ‘Smallpox’ were recently discovered in a Pennsylvania lab freezer?

When mainstream media outlets push the same story line, it is likely a CLUE to start paying attention. https://editorials24.com/2021/11/vials-labeled-smallpox-discovered-in-pennsylvania-lab-freezer/

More on Bill Gates’s prediction of smallpox terror attacks. to follow. Heads up!

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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HUGE Window of Opportunity Opens for Humanity Nov 18/19 thru Dec 4th. Nov 22 Action Plan


Truly, the heavens are conspiring in a very benevolent way to assist with the liberation of all of humanity from the age-old tyranny that has ruled planet Earth for millennia.

In astrology, the eclipse of a major luminary such as the sun or the moon is known as a period of revelation and uncovering of the truth.

First, the eclipsed luminary is obscured by another heavenly body from the viewpoint of Earth; then, the same celestial body is soon uncovered.

The symbolic meaning of this soul-stirring event is this: secrets will soon be revealed, mysteries solved, crimes exposed and/or highly privileged information disclosed.

Here’s how one Vedic astrologer put it:

“The eclipse season happens twice a year and always brings hidden realizations to the surface. It symbolizes the darkness as the Moon and Sun are darkened in an eclipse and the light returns to reveal what was hidden. Sudden surprising events will happen in November as the emotions are building and the eclipses occur in Taurus and Scorpio. This part of the zodiac pertains to deep secrets, so what was hidden will come as a big surprise. This revelation will set the tone for the explosive events to come in December and January as Mars will be transiting with Ketu in Scorpio. This is the signature of war and violence.”

This period from November 18th lunar eclipse through and immediately following December 4th solar eclipse will be a time when the remaining pieces of the Covid puzzle will be put into their proper place.  And, on both a larger scale, the heretofore enigmas and conundrums of life will finally be resolved.

Therefore, the divine timing of this particular period is quite pregnant with positive potential for favorable change.  Nothing short of a metamorphosis of the entire planetary civilization is in the offing.

However, the degree of positive transformation that will be effectuated in the wake of these eclipses is a function of one variable more than any other.  The more human beings that faithfully and prayerfully participate during the spiritual observance of these eclipses the greater the outcome for humankind.

A Day of Unity and Peace

Connecting Hearts and Minds

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is candle.gif

Action Plan

Join the world at any time Monday, November 22nd in prayer, meditation, aspiration or silence, in support of freedom. 

Stay for any length of time. Come back as often as you wish.

Click here https://day4freedom.com to join the 24-hour global meditation*.

When the site goes live Nov 22.21 and you click ‘I WILL JOIN‘ it will open this

*24 hour Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86149378840?pwd=SzI3c2ZWN1ZRVzJEaGIxemlYWmVjZz09

Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=96705

The Highest Authority

I asked the Highest Authority to make my spirit grow. The Highest Authority said “No. You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful.”

Critical Astrological Updates ~ A MUST SEE!

Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Researcher and Medical and Intuitive Astrologist. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work world wide.  

Laura is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower and she reveals Exopolitical information about his administration, that has been largely held in secrecy.

25:45 mins Artificial intelligence can only infiltrate and assimilate something that’s not being true to itself. That’s why they need programming, indoctrination and psychological operations, so they can create sub personalities that aren’t true to who we are. That’s the whole nature of social engineering and mind control because it links to AI which is artificial.

Some of it might be a trauma response so it has some basis but it also has the ability to reintegrate and reconnect back to the soul and back to Source, and turn that AI into divine intelligence and the truth frequency. We can neutralize and take down this dark technology through doing our inner work, through doing this conscious work in our everyday lives, and there’s no room for fear.

Let’s fully potentialize this moment in time

The more of us participating the more successful the outcome, so please share https://day4freedom.com widely. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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British Columbia floods create vast ‘nesting’ problem

Is this how globalists are initiating food shortages?

Port Of Vancouver Closes As British Columbia Flooding Damages Rail & Roads — Responsible For 1/3 Of Imports And Exports

By Ice Age Farmer

Canada’s largest port by far, the port of Vancouver, has closed, as have the rails and highways connecting it to Canada, after being severely damaged in the flooding in an “atmospheric river” event. The deep water port is responsible for 1/3 of Canadian imports and exports, meaning the grains that the world so badly needs from Canada are not able to get out. And the overflow of goods from other congested North American ports are now wholly unable to get in. Christian explains why this is not just a local catastrophe, but a worldwide one, in this Ice Age Farmer report.

More at https://www.naturalblaze.com/2021/11/port-of-vancouver-closes-as-bc-flooding-damages-rail-roads-responsible-for-1-3-of-imports-and-exports.html

Please encourage people to stock up soonest possible on everything they require.

Cosmic counter measures available Nov 18 – Dec 04.21

Nov 18/19.21 partial lunar eclipse until Dec 04.21 total solar eclipse, opens a window of opportunity for mankind to create a new era. Up next …

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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Nov 30.21 Launch: Covid truth | Free Series

Shining light on the truth dispels darkness

When you enter a dark room and turn on a light what happens? Okay, let’s shine some light. 5 mins https://vrevealed.com/c19/trailer/?sub4=e69231c0802b432ebad813bc7d9a195a&afid=51

Claim your seat to watch the series for free

Click here https://vrevealed.com/c19/trailer/?sub4=e69231c0802b432ebad813bc7d9a195a&afid=51

Beginner’s Guide To Understanding the Great Reset

Next, we shine light on the Great Reset, a massive restructuring of society and life as we currently know it that includes unprecedented depopulation.

Here’s a quick, easy-to-digest breakdown to grasp what’s happening.

Wisdom is knowledge ‘applied’

It’s not enough to know. What matters is what we do with knowledge so please inform others. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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International ‘SOS from Australia’ DEC 04.21

Five Eyes alliance is an intelligence-sharing arrangement between

Five English-speaking countries: the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The extent to which we know or do not know what our governments are doing behind closed doors has become a matter of life and death.

The covidian cult seems to have set its AYES on the Five Eyes alliance, so if you live in one of those countries be aware, be alert, and align with kindred spirits to defend you, your family and rights.

This is what Australia is asking on Dec 04.21

  1. Make a public declaration on your own platforms, using your own letterhead or design, declaring that you support this event and our country’s fight for freedom.
    On the website, you will see our media release, feel free to use any part of that in your announcement. Reach out to us for design help admin@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au
  2. Familiarise yourself with the requests we are making to our government and if you support them, please include that in your announcement. 
  3. If you are a Member of Parliament and support the idea of giving a certain number of Australians asylum, please include that in your announcement. 
  4. If you are a country leader and have the power to give a certain number of Australians asylum, please include that in your announcement.
  5. If you are an influencer or run a media show or platform, please help promote this event. Monica will be available for interviews at your request. Please email us at media@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au
  6. If you are someone who wants to participate in this event in your country, please download and share our social media tiles. You can also print and distribute flyers, they are available on this page. In our media release, we have ideas for signage on the day. 
  7. Please use #SOSfromAustralia on your posts

    Source: https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/sos/

Social engineering transformed social cohesion into social distancing

Individuals have gradually, incrementally, and imperceptively been socially engineered into unawareness that keeps most people distracted, apathetic, separated and playing small; to finalize the new world order reset.

4 Stages of Ideological Subversion

Ideological subversion means to change the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”  Yuri Bezmenov 1984

Australia appears to be the testing ground

If the covidian cult conquers Australians they will proceed to the next country and the next and the next until all are enslaved … no privacy, no body autonomy, no human rights, no property rights.

PLEASE give freedom a chance by informing others and do what you can to support one another. TY.

Watch for upcoming posts:
Nov 20.21 World Freedom Day
Nov 22.21 Join the world at any time on November 22nd in prayer, meditation, aspiration or silence in support of freedom.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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Plague Laws Vs. Extinction Rebellion

Bankers are moving in – global coup d’etat

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Vaxx passports and digital control mean the end of human liberty. 5 min video

Letter to a Tyrant

Thanks Alicia.

By MargaretAnnaAlice.com

November 13, 2021

I won’t bother to reason with you or appeal to your compassion—because you have none. You are a foul, fetid, festering, fiendish, fear-fomenting fecker devoid of soul, purpose, and meaning. No matter how many lives you masticate, hearts you shred, minds you menticide, and puppet strings you try to throttle us with, you will forever remain a hollow husk of a simulated human.

I know you envy us our feelings. You seethe with rage, jealousy, loathing, terror, disgust, and every other malevolent emotion, but you are incapable of comprehending love, joy, friendship, warmth, and abiding peace.

This letter isn’t to beg or plead or ask you to stop. This letter is to put you on notice. This letter is to tell you the people are waking, and it is you who have shaken us awake. You have sown the seeds of your own obliteration, and those seeds are germinating.

None of your efforts to enshroud the sun, contaminate the soil, befoul the water, defile the oceans, toxify the air, autodarwinate seeds, sequester the food supply, extinguish species, or commodify the ecosystem can stop those seeds from bursting through the earth and winding their tendrils around your Nuremberged neck.

In a way, we should thank you. You have shown your hand so recklessly because you were certain we would roll over. So confident were you in the psychological conditioning you subjected us to—following Biderman’s Chart of Coercion like a recipe—you expected us to jump in the pot voluntarily.


End game for globalists

David Martin provides insight into our present dilemma, advantages this civilization has over others, vulnerabilities of globalists, and how to capitalize on those vulnerabilities. Important information to navigate the transition we are experiencing. https://rumble.com/vp48dl-david-e-martin-the-end-game-for-the-elites.html?fbclid=IwAR29erJRLTtV9p65ecaf_ZAikTicXQw77rpKOrQdPnNapVIWMeQZpZ523fY

Please share. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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